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Recommendations/ Empfehlungen

Jason Kay (client) 
Jason hired you as a Character Designer, Animator in 2007 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Expert, On Time, Creative

“Mathias is an unbelievably talented and versatile artist, Art Director, and Production Designer. He was hugely instrumental in creating the look, feel and environments for our Iron and the Maiden (www.ironandthemaiden.com) concept video and the awesome look of our new Snood characters.”

*Linkedin Networks, August 28, 2009

Jason Rubin (client)
Jason hired you as a 3D and 2D Character and Graphic Design in 2006 and hired you more than once

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

“Mathias has worked with me twice: first in creating a highly detailed three minute 3D CG trailer for Iron and the Maiden, a comic book I wrote, and second as a designer of incredibly simple but highly memorable 2D characters and backgrounds for the multiple Flash and iPhone games including the reinvention of Snood. I cannot think of CG design tasks that are further in skill set from each other, yet Mathias pulled them both off... and with style. Style is the most important aspect of Mathias' talents. He has it, and that makes him incredibly valuable to anybody who desires to make attractive artwork that strikes the viewer. I highly recommend anybody looking to work with Mathias.” 

*Linkedin Networks, August 24, 2009

Billy Harper (colleague)
reported to you

“damn. i only have 400 characters to work with for this. so: inspiring, hardcore work ethics, great leader, awesome visual skills, very generous art director,leads by example, strong knowledge of pop culture, german. don't hold that last one against him:)” 

*Linkedin Networks, January 5, 2006

Tom Angus (colleague)
reported to Mathias at Electronic Arts TIBURON

“I worked with Mathias as my Art Director / Creative Director for over 6 years on multiple projects. He is the real deal when it comes to creativity and inspiration, and capturing the style that you are looking for. He is an extremely talented and motivated Art Director and someone you can get behind.”

*Linkedin Networks, May 29, 2011